About Strictly Travel
Your Passport to Adventure

Hello, I'm Bernadette, the founder of Strictly Travel. With over two decades of professional experience as an executive and legal assistant, I've cultivated a skill set centered around precision and meticulous planning. During my career, I've successfully coordinated a diverse array of events, from golf tournaments to group travel and memorable vacations, spanning both domestic and international destinations.

Yet, it's my personal journey that truly ignites my spirit. I've had the privilege of exploring numerous corners of the world, experiencing the breathtaking diversity our planet has to offer. It's my unwavering passion for travel and my desire to help others discover the world's wonders, forging lasting memories, that led to the creation of Strictly Travel.

I'm excited to be your dedicated travel companion, eager to assist you in curating remarkable journeys. Together, we'll embark on adventures that will fill your life with unforgettable moments. Your dream destination is just a click away, and I'm here to make it a reality.