Bernadette Anderson

Travel Specialist
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Embark on a journey of pure Mediterranean magic with Virgin Voyages' Greek Island Glow cruise. This extraordinary adventure begins and ends in the historic city of Athens, Greece, and transports you to the most captivating destinations in the Aegean Sea.

Your first port of call is the world-famous Santorini, a paradise of sun-soaked landscapes, where you'll be swept away by the breathtaking sunsets and relish in the island's culinary delights.

Next, you'll explore the rich history and beauty of Rhodes, wandering through its ancient streets, savoring local cuisine, and experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals.

The voyage continues to the charming coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey, a treasure trove of coastal wonders and cultural marvels. Enjoy the enticing blend of Turkish flavors and beachside relaxation.

As you sail to Mykonos, you'll discover the epitome of Mediterranean chic. Explore the picturesque streets, dive into crystal-clear waters, and soak up the vibrant nightlife.

Onboard your Virgin Voyages cruise, you'll relish the delectable cuisine, from gourmet dining to casual bites, prepared by talented chefs to satisfy your every craving. And don't miss the culinary adventures waiting for you on each island, offering a taste of local specialties.

As night falls, get ready for the unforgettable Scarlet Night party. Everyone dresses in red, creating an electrifying atmosphere for a night of dancing, music, and celebration under the stars.

With Virgin Voyages, the Greek Island Glow cruise promises not only an exploration of enchanting destinations but also a voyage of culinary indulgence, vibrant nightlife, and endless memories. This is the cruise you've been dreaming of, where each day brings new delights, and Scarlet Night paints the town red.